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Celebrating the Best of All Things Asian!
Lia talks to Justin Lin, director of Better Luck Tomorrow

The Facts on Larry Ching, and Some Unexpected Honors

Jhemon Lee gives some pointers on networking (the people kind, not the electrical type).

Jim talks with Tia Carrere and Jason Scott Lee of Lilo and Stitch

Introducing a new column on feng shui by renowned feng shui expert Angi Ma Wong

AC's Mike Kai chats with Jet Li on Cradle 2 the Grave


Hong Kong Tourist Association

MGM Grand



Ginger Marinated Striped Seabass Ginger Marinated Striped Seabass
Not just ordinary seabass, but seabass marinated in a tantalizing ginger sauce. If you need a recipe that's easy to cook for a big group, then try this asian fusion dish.

See how to make this dish!

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Hot Connections
Chef Martin Yan Brings Chinatown Cooking to the World (AsianWeek)

Margaret Cho and Bhairavi Desai to be Honored by the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund

Apple Ad Leads a Bevy of Yao (Ming)-endorsed Products (Houston Chronicle)

Asia Scares America (Time Asia)

The Birth of Cool (Time Asia)

Former UC Berkeley Chancellor Chang-Lin Tien Dies (Daily Californian)

Signing in Hollywood (New California Media)

Production Still from new Zhang Yi Mou martial arts epic Hero (Official Jet Li Website)

Congresswoman Patsy Mink dies at age 74. She was the first Asian-American woman, and the first woman of color to be elected to Congress (NY Times)

The Rise of the Asian SuperJocks (MSN Slate)

Action Star Chan Says: Show Me the Love (Yahoo!)

Remembering Vincent Chin 20 Years Later (

Sony Pictures Classics Acquires Rights to Coppola's Thai Historical Epic (Yahoo! News)

Quentin Tarantino Behind the Camera in Beijing (NY Times)

Asian American Females Outnumber Males 5 to 1 in TV News (AAJA)

Wen Ho Lee: Still Jobless (CBS News)

Another Vietnam: North Vietnamese Images Show Unseen Side of War (National Geographic)

China's Legend in the Making (CNET

Asian Pollution Cloud Endangers Millions (CBS News)

China's First Lesbian Film Quietly Tests Limits (CNN)

Southern California Gas announces income-qualified assistance program (Southern California Gas)

Retrospective on Jade Snow Wong at the Chinese Historical Society Museum (CHSA)

Time Asia Cover Story: The Cosmetic Surgery Rage in Asia (Time Asian)

Shyamalan hopes 'Signs' point to box-office killing (CNN)

Time Asia Cover Story: A look at the Korean Pop Machine (Time Asia)

Brand Identity: 25th Asian American International Film Festival (Village Voice)

Full Pardon for Wen Ho Lee Sought


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