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This website is dedicated to the hearts, minds, and spirits of great people who have made a difference in our world. To mentors and heroes everywhere.

A special tribute to Alvin Joe, Jr. who is looking down on us and smiling knowing that we are carrying on his lifelong work of encouraging others to achieve their dreams. Alvin took the concept of networking and mentoring to a "higher art form" and helped hundreds of people to develop the courage and necessary skills to start their own businesses and expand their professional careers, even while he was just starting out on his own himself. He was one of the original founders of the Asian Business Association 20 years ago as well as numerous other organizations which continue today as dynamic forces within the Asian American communities in the San Francisco Bay Area and across the nation. More than 1,000 people gathered together to honor him in an extraodinary tribute in San Francisco. They came from all walks of life, from all ethnic backgrounds, Asian, Caucasian, African American, Hispanic, and told emotional stories of appreciation of how one man, Alvin Joe had inspired and mentored them to achieve their dreams.

How We Began

Many people, on both sides of the Pacific Rim from New York City to San Francisco, from Singapore to Shanghai, Seoul to Taipei, and Tokyo to Manila helped to launch this exciting project. It began as an inspiring concept among friends to connect the world. Here are just a few of our members: was inaugurated by San Francisco  Mayor Willie L. Brown in the Fall of 1999 during a Sister City Trade mission to Shanghai in cooperation with Mayor Xu Kuangdi and City Officials. Brown praised as "bridging people, businesses and countries closer together."

Moving On Up in 2002!

Dr. Stephen Rakower, one of's biggest cheerleaders. He's an angel in more ways than one! A graduate of Princeton University and University of Pennsylvania Medical School, Steve is our resident physician and enjoys advising AC Team members on how to live a healthy life.

Jeannie Cuan is a positive driving force at and has made major contributions since its earliest days. Jeannie is an Online Producer and key member of AC's Business Development Team. She is a rare multi-talented individual who can produce, direct, do business and chew gum at the same time. She is a graduate of University of California at Berkeley. An outstanding communicator and organizer, Jeannie is also Director of Communications at Yan Can Cook, Inc., and involved in all aspects of celebrity Chef Martin Yan's Emmy award winning TV series Yan Can Cook, from television production, marketing, to development and research for his cookbooks. She also manages, which is an exclusive e-commerce partner and member of the Network.

Paul Lee is the Webmaster and Director of Operations of AsianConnections. As founding partner of his own successful company, he has collaborated with AC Team for more than three years, and is now taking into its next stage of development in 2002. Paul is one of those guys who excels in everything. You know the type. Of course he got straight A's in high school. Paul graduated with a degree in Engineering at University of California at Berkeley, all the while co-founding his own profitable firm which developed sophisticated web sites for corporate and entertainment industry clients. Paul is the founding partner and business development director of, America's top independent movie reviews web site. Paul and his talented group created martial arts movie star Jet Li's first edition web site and is now upgrading the backend technology of and its network to continue its growth as the premier East Meets West connection on the web.

Katie Noel Joe, "Design Princess," created's mascot bear. A native of San Francisco, she is a student at University of California at Irvine. She was the ultimate sorority girl complete with Prada bag and social calendar, until she woke up one day and chucked it all. Still good buddies with her sorority pals, she's now in jeans and no make-up. This exquisitely beautiful person is hitting the books instead of the latest party and coming up with great ideas as a member of AC Team.

Jeanie S. Joe is a member of's "Cheerleading Team." Jeanie is president of GeoResource Consultants, an award winning geotechnical and environmental consulting group in San Francisco founded by her late husband, Alvin Joe 22 years ago. She is active in numerous organizations in the SF Bay Area including, former board member of the Asian Business Assoc., Asian American Architects and Engineers, Asian American Manufacturers Assoc., and Women Construction Owners and Entrepreneurs. She was a delegate accompanying San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown on his Trade and Friendship mission to China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Steven Scott Joe is's "Post-College Correspondent." Steve is a recent graduate in Economics from the University of California at Irvine. A member of the Asian American Lambda Theta Delta fraternity, Steve loves sports and was star center for a championship basketball team, captain of the volleyball team and is a snowboarding enthusiast. Steve was a scholarship recipient of the Asian Pacific Youth Leadership Project. He is active in community and charity work for the Asian American community, the Boys and Girls Club tutoring and after school program, the Soup Kitchen of San Francisco and numerous other organizations.

Mr. Albert Huang,'s revered "Chief Mentor," is a U.S. attorney and for 15 years a senior executive and Vice Chairman of the Shanghai operations of Mr. C.H. Tung's conglomerate, OOCL. While Chairman C.H. Tung was appointed as Chief Executive of Hong Kong (Special Administrative Region) after Hong Kong's Handover to China, Albert has continued his brilliant business advisory role and has been appointed Chairman of several major Pacific Rim joint ventures and enterprises including advising major multinational corporations. He has a special interest in media, internet and entertainment development for the U.S. and China markets.


AsianConnections has many wonderful and talented contributors around the world who have brought life, creativity and substance to our thousands of pages. These contributors have helped create and shape AsianConnections to entertain, inspire, and influence, while projecting positive role models and images of Asian people, cultures and lifestyle to our world. professional web designers and developers include taltented Wendy Chan, Allen Ying and Florence Ng who are Graphics Design graduates from the University of California at Irvine. Wendy, Allen and Florence also "multi-task" at AsianConnections as feature reporters. :)

Brenden Tkach is a super-hot web designer and developer professionally trained in 3-Dimensional graphics, cutting-edge audio and video creation, using programs such as 3-D Studio Max, Premiere, and Sound Forge.

David Chia is's "Chia Pet." Dave has been immersed in the internet world since its early inception and provides strategic and business development planning. Dave is a Medical student and was a popular webmaster for University of California at Irvine Graduate School of Management's commercial and academic website. One of his projects since earning his MBA is helping to take his family's biotechnology firm public.

Steve Lynch is a contributing editor and flash developer. He is also the webmaster for one of the world's largest electronics distributors, in charge of all of its business to business ecommerce and intranet websites. He holds a BA and Masters Degree in English from the University of Hawaii. Steve was born in Hawaii. Steve's a big Internet auction addict and is having fun developing his collection of Batman "bat-signals" and collectibles from retro-70's nostalgia TV shows like The Love Boat. His collection of Star Wars lightsabres is awesome.

Ron Chen: Skilled in Perl, Java, Java Script, Visual Basic, HTML, DHMTL, XML, ADO, Unix Server Softwares IIS4, IIS5, MS Transaction Server, MS Site Server, MSSQL 6.5, DB2, Oracle, ASP, ADO, RDO, ODBC, COM+, HTML, XML, DHTML, ActiveX, ISAPI, CGI, CDO, VB, VBScript, Visual InterDev, SQL, Perl, and Pascal. Ron earned a BS in Mathematics from the University of California at Irvine.

Tony Hsu is honing the art of computer animation at the Academy of Arts in San Francisco, and does web graphics design at one of the largest business to business electronics distributors. Before following his call to the art world, Tony earned a degree in Criminology at UC Irvine.


Derek Vu Powell, the "Roadrunner" is a graduate of University of California at Irvine's Graduate School of Management. Derek is a one man "connections-central" and the epitome of's Mission Statement. This high energy, upbeat, "can do" leader inspires web team with his encouraging, motivating and energizing e-mails, telephone calls and brainstorm sessions over clams and black bean sauce. Derek studied at the University of Hong Kong and is part of the Andersen Consulting Group's international trade team.

John Suh, "John Boy" as his close friends endearingly call him since the days he was just a teenager working in the garment industry, is one of the Korean American community's brightest young leaders. As a supportive member of's web team. John is well versed in international trade, business and the internet. He was the youngest president of the Korean Garment Wholesalers Association, one of the most influential Asian industry groups in Los Angeles, the center of the nation's largest garment industry. Born in Seoul, Korea, raised in LA's multi-ethnic urban community and educated in the U.S., including a degree from UCLA's Anderson Executive Management program, John is a perfect cross cultural "bridge." As president of the FIA, Fashion Industry Alliance, and principal with international consulting firm, Global Business Exchange John leads trade delegations from the U.S. to Asia and Europe and is an advisor for Asian based garment and textile manufacturers entering the U.S. market.

We wish to thank the following mentors and those who encouraged us to create this exciting website:

We wish to thank the following mentors and those who encouraged us to create this exciting website:

Tom Yuen, the founder of AST computers and other ground breaking ventures for your inspiring words and friendship; April Minnich, the ultimate multimedia and web maven and partner of SF's Total Creative, Rod Dyer - Hollywood's design guru, advertising and marketing geniuses Dan Michel, Howard Russo, Scott Kelly, Scott Taylor - what an honor to know you all. Hugs and kisses to media mogul Mr. Gerald Green. To Albert, Martin, March, Blanton, Ken and Lillian for your friendship and treasured words of wisdom.To Ms. Zhuge, China's dynamo.Thank you Esther! Thank you Carol Lin for your comradery and technical excellence in this fast breaking internet world; to Jack Ong and Jasmin Wynd, for your words of encouragement, two Asian American leaders in Hollywood who have "made a difference" at the Screen Actors Guild on the images of the Asian American in the media and entertainment; Tom Chin, investment banker and words of wisdom; Teresa Wang, Angel Huang, Vivien Lu Wen and Robert Lee for your tireless efforts to translate our site. David Talisman of True Digital.'s co-founders Chinworth Yau and Pierre Wuu for believing in our Singles Network concept; Shel Weisel, founder of Love@1st-Site who has demonstrated that websites can promote the highest integrity and have the power to change people's lives positively; authors Lillian Too and Angi Ma Wong; Bonnie Wong and Yunah Kim, networking and mentoring experts of the Asian Women in Business, New York for your encouragement; Mark Bisgeiere, Hollywood entertainment attorney; Victor Wang, Investment Banker and internet pioneer in China, Lu "Vivien" Wen, China media and film company president, Jia Horng and Susan Lin in Taipei, dear friends and first investors almost 20 years ago who have stood by us all these years; Hirofumi Hayashi in Tokyo for your lifelong friendship and my first computer tutor; MGM Grand's executive Bill Bralla; UC Irvine's Professor Louis H. Masotti; Stanford University Professor and Co-Founder Asia/Pacific Center Dr. Daniel Okimoto; Peking University Professor Dai; in Seoul, senior executives and dear friends: Mr. Paul Hoe Won Yoo, Daewoo's Mr. Hyun Chung Kim, Mr. Kang Ko, and S.H. Lee, Tom Chin, Mr. K. S. Kang, Mr. Sang Cheon Yim, and the global team at Daewoo; Posco and former Samsung's Mr. Peter Hun Yung Park, Samsung's Mr. Yong Nam Kim and his incredible team, Shinhan's distinguished former Chairman Hong, Professor Kimm, globe trotters Mr. Chull Yang Park, Mr. Hyo Bahng, Ms. Peggy Kim, Mr. Sun Man Charles Noh, and the talented international team of Dong Ah; family members Justice Harry and Mayling Low, Larry Low, Allan Low, Kathy Low, Nori Ohtomo, Ray Zhang, Warren, Andrea, Sandra and Noni Yee, and pals, Suyin Stein, Tom and Clara Timmons, Stacey Smith Orme, Maria Wang, Celeste Budd, Sarah Weddington, Angel Huang, Nancy Ning, Helen Coffey, Kelly Howard.There are so many others we wish to thank. Life's a journey...and wow, what a journey it is!! Thank you, all!!

To Grandpa Alvin Joe, Sr. who inspired us with his brilliant mind and cheerful spirit until the golden age of 88 years. His spirit lives on in all of us!!

To "Scrappy-dog," the cocker spaniel/Llasa apsa dog we rescued from the pound who has brought us joy, happiness, and laughter.

To "Pepy Le Pieu," aka "Pepy" the crazy loud mouthed green parrot whom we brought with us from an Arizona farm to California, and who now helps us edit the content of our website and keeps Scrappy-dog in line.


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