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Jhemon Lee debuts in a new column on career and the Asian professional. Read what the former chairman of the National Association of Asian American Professionals has to say!


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Intercultural Business
Angi Ma Wong
Colors and Numbers
Asian Corporate Etiquette

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World Trade
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Are you globalizing your company?

Angi Ma Wong, Business and Intercultural Advisor

It's the Year of the Horse!
Angi shares tips on surviving and thriving in the Year of the Horse!

What colors and numbers are lucky?
Angi's autographed books and feng shui kits!
In Asia, how do you greet your Asian business executive?
"When in Rome..."
Fascinating numerology thoughts on Feng Shui and 9-11 Is it just a coincidence?
Enjoy the Year of the Horse. Get ready to celebrate the Year of the Sheep beginning February 1, 2003 through January 21, 2004.

How to celebrate Lunar New Years with your Business Associates.


Asia Domain Names!
How do you know your Chinese, Japanese or Korean domain name is correct for your company? We offer consulting services to help your company to select the right Asian in-language name. E-mail us.


AsianConnections presents useful Pacific Rim travel and business tips and a list of world trade websites and journals.

Need to search a list of buyers and sellers online in your own language? Try's website that can search for your leads in 33 different languages.


Exclusive excerpts of the hot book The Life and Death of a Dotcom in China.

AsianConnections and pop star CoCo Lee were among the headliners at Harvard University - Politicans, authors and activists from across America meet to interact on issues. More...

Celebrities and business titans join forces to discuss issues affecting our Asian global community. Committee of 100 is one group that provides a forum for issues that Americans of Chinese and Asian descent face in bettering their lives. View past conferences and speaker comments from AC's archives.



Rosemary Brisco, Founder and CEO of the award winning, profiles women who have found their competitive edge in the IT world.

Thomas C.K. Yuen "Passion, Perseverance and Luck," are the three elements to success," says global leader Thomas C. K. Yuen, CEO and COO of SRS Labs, the world leader in audio and voice technology.

Lenora Chu, AsianConnections Team contributing writer and a former Silicon Valley think tank strategist inspires, entertains and motivates you on how to get started in your own business!

Mike Kross, AsianConnections Team writer, international attorney and business advisor offers thought provoking tips on how to network at a business cocktail reception.


Meet Jerry Yang, co-founder of the Internet's popular search engine. Jerry talks with AC about his mentors and how success has affected his life.




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