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This insightful and candid book provides valuable insight into how the dotcom bubble burst in China.

AsianConnections is pleased to showcase an excerpt of this book, destined to be a must-have for all Internet professionals interested in the China market.

The Life and Death of a Dotcom in China - a Venture Capitalist's Progress, is written by top experts, describing fictional cases and people to tell the story.

From Asia Law and Practise, publishers of the best seller, The Life and Death of a Joint Venture in China this sequel is a narrative which not only tells you what is important, but why.

It is entertaining but sobering reading, a reality check describing the business misfortunes of others. You stand to profit from the lessons they have learned the hard way.

What's the secret? Perhaps it's the unique case-study approach of the Life And Death series. With this, the reader gets to understand the different motivations and strategies of all the key players at every stage of the process.

It starts from the first exploratory meeting between US-educated Shanghai I-entrepreneur Jefferson Huang, Texan Venture Capitalist Stone Daw and the wily manager of Shanghai No 2 Mao Memorabilia Factory Lao Zhang to the death throes of their unlikely Internet business.

Be a fly on the wall as they stitch together their unwieldy master plan to crack the China e-commerce market - the Mao Memorabilia portal - or Mmortal, as the industry will call it.

Discover through their eyes the uncharted territories of the China Internet maze - a brave new world where the possibilities for greed, negligence, treachery, and paranoia know no bounds.

Get to know the innumerable obstacles and dead-ends of what it's really like trying to do e-business in today's China. Become familiar with how the reality differs from what you read about in the China Daily. And how solutions can be found, and fudged.

Soon you experience the horrors of hacking, fraud, debt, intellectual property infringements and all the other nightmare scenarios that become only too real as an IPO spirals to its doom. And what can happen when the inexperienced do business with the inscrutable.

Gripping, but hugely informative for those who like to look before they leap. On one level it's a gripping narrative, full of legal, commercial, criminal and inter-personal nightmares that are sure to make your blood run cold.

On the other it's a comprehensive legal and business guide written by the acknowledged experts in this field. Don't even think of getting involved with a dotcom without reading this book!

Because once your nightmare starts, there will be no e-scape.

                                                                                 -- Asia Law & Practise


AsianConnections thanks Asia Law & Practise, publisher, for providing excerpts of The Life and Death of a Dotcom in China. Order your copy from today!

Order your copy of The Life and Death of a Dotcom in China today!

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