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Jhemon Lee debuts in a new column on career and the Asian professional. Read what the former chairman of the National Association of Asian American Professionals has to say!


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Increase Your Company's Sales by
Marketing to the Asian Pacific American Market!

The ethnic market is becoming one of the most hotly sought after markets by major corporations and businesses. Marketing to Asian Pacific Americas can be very profitable!

New Census data reveals that by the year 2050, this population segment will triple from 10.5 million to 37.6 million.

Other compelling reasons, including high education levels, high median incomes and the highest Internet penetration make this growing segment a very lucrative growth market opportunity for marketers. "When marketing dollars are getting tighter, it is imperative to look for profitable niche markets to zero in on.

Asian & Pacific Islander Americans with origins from China, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, South Asia, Japan, Phillipines, and other Asian and Pacific regions are providing a significant impetus to consumption and are fertile playing fields for marketers.

Make your plans now for 2002's Ethnic Marketing Seminars sponsored by Strategic Research Institute. Learn how to expand your market by tapping into the huge $254 Billion
red-hot market segment. This could be your answer for delivering market growth in a slowing economy. Talk with the early movers and cutting edge professionals at these conferences.

Click here for the list of leaders who spoke at this year's 8th Annual Ethnic Marketing Omnibus held October 29-31 2001 at the University of Chicago, Gleacher Center

In addition to the October, 2001 conference, the nation's leading experts also convened May 7 and 8 at the Asian American Marketing Conference at the Nikko Hotel in San Francisco. Executives from General Motors, Verizon, Pacific Bell, MetLife, United Commercial Bank shared their successful strategies marketing to Asian Pacific Americans!

These in-depth conferences shared many important strategic and tactical insights into developing a strong relationship with these consumers.

Visit for details on future conferences contact

Program Highlights

General Motors marketing executives spoke about the Automotive Industry and Opportunities in Asian Pacific American markets. Tariq J. Khan of Met Life shared insights on how MetLife has built a relationship with the South Asian market. Erwin Furukawa, of Pacific Bell, discussed a pioneer's insights into tapping this market. Ed Miller talked about Verizon's approach and key challenges and concerns faced by marketers.

Eleanor Chang of United Commercial Bank highlighted perspectives from the financial services industry and Chinese American consumers. Marilyn Halter, author of "Shopping for Identity" revealed new insights into America's changing and increasingly diverse population. New data was shared from the United States Census Bureau by Lia Bolden, Partnership Data Specialist.

The 2001 conference in San Francisco was chaired by two distinguished Asian Pacific American professionals, Bill Imada from Imada Wong Communications and Saul Gitlin from Kang and Lee. Attendees came from EMI, Macy's West, State Farm, General Motors, Allstate, McNeil Consumer Healthcare and more.

Reserve your space for future conferences by sending an email to Contact for any related information or call 1-888-666-8514


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