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August 27-30, 2001

Visit HPAIR 2001 at

AsianConnections is a proud co-sponsor of the Harvard Project for Asian & International Relations, "HPAIR 2001."

Singapore - This August, 400 - 500 delegates from the world's foremost universities were selected through a competitive worldwide application process.

AsianConnections is pleased to have participated in a partnership with HPAIR to facilitate the application process.

"Young people, who represent potential leadership and hope for the 21st century, must join together and collaborate in intellectual efforts. The international conference you are holding here is therefore an immensely meaningful and significant event. When young people of the world deliberate together on the common issues facing humankind, and share their novel ideas and ways to resolve such issues, the future of the global village becomes much brighter."

- The Honorable Kim Young Sam, President of the Republic of South Korea,
in his address to delegates of HPAIR 1996, held in Seoul, South Korea

The Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations (HPAIR) is a unique international conference organization that is dedicated to promoting discourse on critical issues affecting the Asia-Pacific region.

Since its founding in 1991, HPAIR has brought together top students from every corner of the globe to learn from renowned experts in the fields of government, academia, business, and society.

The aim of the conference is to create a discussion forum where student leaders exchange ideas on crucial international issues, and build lasting relationships that transcend national and cultural frontiers.

In HPAIR's 10th Anniversary Conference, HPAIR aims to provide an open forum for future leaders to discuss relevant topics in politics, economics, development, and social change.

HPAIR 2001 will be held for the first time in Singapore in cooperation with the National University of Singapore. The theme of the 2001 conference - "Asia and the Knowledge Economy: Opportunities for Progress" - shall encompass the discussion of some of the most fascinating consequences of technological change that has swept the globe in the past decade.

The new philosophy of information and its associated technological advances have revolutionized the way we act and think. The conference shall address the consequences of these wide-ranging changes in six workshops:

  • the changing role of U.S. security in Asia
  • strategies to bridge the digital divide between developed and developing countries
  • the impact of technology on health issues and Asian healthcare systems
  • the relevance of the ´┐Żnew economy?/font>
  • the transforming nature of corporate organization in Asia
  • differences in educational systems across Asian countries and cultures

The conference will convene at Suntec City in Singapore, where delegates will be welcomed with an exciting array of speakers and delegates. HPAIR conference speakers in the past have included heads of state, government ministers, and senior executives in business and international organizations. Speakers already confirmed for this year include The Honorable S. R. Nathan, President of Singapore.

Please visit the HPAIR website at for more information and to apply, or email us at



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