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Jhemon Lee debuts in a new column on career and the Asian professional. Read what the former chairman of the National Association of Asian American Professionals has to say!


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Intercultural Business

Angi Ma Wong

"International business is like a handshake -
each person reaches out to the other half way."

AsianConnections is proud to present our new columnist, Angi Ma Wong, internationally renowned corporate intercultural consultant to America's Fortune 500 Companies. Angi is an award winning author and lecturer on the art of doing business with people from Pacific Rim countries.

Born in China as a diplomat's daughter, Angi Ma Wong has lived in New Zealand, Taiwan and Washington, D. C.

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Want a refresher course in Asian etiquette?
Here's Angi's "Crash Course in Asian Business Etiquette."

Celebrate the Year of the Snake
Angi's tips on ways to enjoy the Year of the Horse
with your Asian business associates.

Other articles by Angi
The Significance of Numbers
The Significance of Colors

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