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Hong Kong

Public Holidays in Korea*

January 1

New Year's Day

March 1

Independence Movement Day

April 5

Arbor Day

May 5

Children's Day

June 6

Memorial Day

July 17

Constitution Day

August 15

Liberation Day

October 3

National Foundation Day

December 25

Christmas Day

Lunar Calendar Holidays*






Solnal (Lunar New Year celebration - Seol)
Seol is the Korean Lunar New Year and is celebrated in much the same fashion as the Chinese Lunar New Year. On New Year's eve no one is to sleep in order to greet the new year with alertness and bright-eyedness. Families pay homage to their ancestors and gods with a table offering on New Year's Day. After performing the necessary ceremonies to the family elders, ancestors, and gods, everyone gathers to play traditional games. On this day an abundant assortment of foods are served

Feb 5-7

Jan 24-26

Feb 12-14

Feb 1-3

Buddha's Birthday (Ch'op'ail)
Ch'op'ail is Buddha's Birthday held on the eighth day of the fourth lunar month. On this day paper lanterns are paraded around the local temple during the day and lit at dusk. Prayers concerning family welfare and Buddha's enlightenment are said throughout the day. The paper lanterns paraded often have prayers written on them.

May 11

Apr 30

Sept 10

Aug 31

Chu-seok (Harvest Moon Festival)
Chu Suk is the Korean Mid-Autumn Moon Festival which is celebrated on the fifteenth day of the eighth month. It is a holiday for rejoicing in one's "bountiful abundance". On this day, whole families travel to their ancestor's burial sites where memorials are held honoring past family members. Then a great feast is held giving thanks for the harvest.

Sept 12-14

Oct 1-3

Sept 21

Sept 11

*Check your local contacts for holiday schedules and closed banks, businesses and government offices.

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