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September 11, 2001 changed the way we look at life forever.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected by this tragedy. We salute the heroes among us.

Exclusive coverage by AC Team

Actress Lia Chang gives us her view of 9-11

Officer David Lim - Rescuer, Survivor and Hero

AsianConnections presents reflections and commentary by some of America's renowned authors and writers.

AsianConnections thanks its very own Ben Fong-Torres, author and former senior editor of Rolling Stone Magazine, and novelist Amy Tan for sharing their personal correspondence during the terrorist attacks.

Love and Friendship
In the midst of the tragedy at New York's World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and in Pennsylvania, people came together all across the world. Friendship and love were the common demoninators for all human beings.

From children looking toward the future, to the comradery of co-workers, friends and family. Whether it's Love for Family, Friends, your Community, or Love for What You Do and Where You Are...Love can make a difference and make it all matter.

more community news...   

Broadcast Pioneers: "Casting Our Voices"
Life's fragile moments reminds us to celebrate people who have made a difference while they are still continuing in their life's journeys.

We pay tribute to one of our own pioneers, Victor Wong who passed away September 12. Victor was not only one of our pioneers in broadcast television, he was in his later years a celebrated and beloved character actor in independent and major Hollywood movies. Victor made his screen debut in 1984 at the age of 57 in "Dim Sum: A Little Bit of Heart." He appeared in 28 movies including "The Last Emperor," "The Joy Luck Club," "Big Trouble in Little China," "Seven Years in Tibet" and "The Golden Child."

Sacramento Bee Newspaper Staff Writer, Dixie Bee writes, "He spent his last day watching television coverage of the terrorist bombings in New York City and at the Pentagon with his wife, Dawn Rose. "He was very disturbed by what was happening," she said. "I hugged him goodnight, in one of those long, consoling hugs. One of the last things he said to me was, 'The world will never be the same.' "

Learn more about our broadcast pioneers who have made significant contributions to our world. Many are still on-the-air professionals broadcasting to millions of people daily.

They have broken through the "glass ceiling" to help pave the way for others. By special permission from author Christopher Chow, and the Chinese Historical Society of America, which researched and honored our broadcast pioneers in a special gala event this past year, click to read "Casting Our Voices." Click here for profiles of our pioneers.


September 3, 2001 - Singles from throughout the U.S. attended the 9th National JACL Singles Convention!

Singles from all ages and backgrounds attended the 3-day 9th National JACL Singles Convention over Labor Day weekend. Attendees came from throughout the U.S. including San Francisco, Sacramento, Los Angeles, San Diego, Salt Lake City, Idaho, Maryland, and Chicago, Illinois.

Convention-goers who signed up early had the opportunity to be "matched" by computer and introduced to their best matches at the beginning of the convention. To help break the ice, there were three non-stop days and two nights of seminars, dancing, karaoke, wining and dining capped off by golfing and bowling, extended trips to Las Vegas, the world renowned Getty Museum, and viewing the recently renovated $45 million pavilion of the famed National Japanese American Museum in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles.

AsianConnections' Suzanne Kai had fun introducing her surprise co-host at her luncheon keynote speech on "Ten Secret Tips to Online Dating."

Steve Nakamoto, one of America's top romance and dating authors ("Men Are Like Fish"), and former trainer with motivational gurus Tony Robbins and Dale Carnegie, joined Suzanne in her keynote speech by dashing into the conference ballroom wearing a huge stuffed fish costume to music from the theme from the movie "Jaws." Suzanne and Steve turned the event into a lively gameshow. Prizes included autographed books from Nakamoto, feng shui author Angi Ma Wong and movie star Jackie Chan. Gift certificates from Southwest Airlines, T-shirts and memberships to AsianWeek newspaper were also given away.

Suzanne then introduced Shirley Tom Chan who met her husband on the Internet and is now expecting their first child. Shirley shared her lucky online dating experiences, and said that her girlfriend had actually signed her up without her even knowing.

The singles convention was organized and sponsored by the JACL, and hosted by Asian singles clubs from the greater Los Angeles area. JACL, (Japanese American Citizens League), is the oldest and largest Asian American civil rights and human rights organization in America. The event was tirelessly planned over two years and co-chaired by Miyako Kadagawa and Lana Tom, and workshop and website coordinator Louise Sakamoto and Janet Okubo, just to name a few. The convention involved the help of more than eighty sponsors and supporters, including Japanese newspaper Rafu Shimpo, numerous organizers and clubs.

at the convention's headquarters at the Torrance Marriott Hotel, included ABC7-TV's Co-anchor Eyewitness News David Ono, and Warren Furutani, a Trustee of the LA Community College District. More than a dozen workshops featured a diverse array of experts including Robert Kawahara, attorney on prenuptial agreements; Debbie Wong aka "Dancing Debbie," a professional Polynesian dancer and shiatsu massage therapist; and " Michiko J. Rolek, the great granddaughter of Zen Master Sokei-an Sasaki, author of "Mental Fitness" and coach on the art of Zen.

AsianConnections' Suzanne Kai announced that a new version of the and the launch of the brand new will debut this winter.

The tally's in! More than $355,000
was raised at the Chinese Historical Society of America's gala April 21, 2001 co-hosted by AC's Ben Fong-Torres and Suzanne Joe Kai with Yahoo's Lorna Ho.Undersecretary of Transportation Norm Mineta paid tribute to pioneers in "Aerospace to Cyberspace."

Harvard's Project for Asian & International Relations
. 500 delegates from universities worldwide convened in Singapore August 23-27, 2001!
Click here

Ashley Cole mobilized SF to solve its child care crisis & hosted Wu Yee Children's Services gala.

University of Chicago rocked with "PanAsia 2001" 19 events celebrate Asian & Asian Americans, culture and issues.

AC's Esther Hwang & Ben Fong-Torres had a blast at Harvard's APA Law & Public Policy event. Kathleen Mackay reflects on Fu Manchu.

Dr. Wen Ho Lee's daughter Alberta is honored for her defense of her father by New California Media. AsianConnections is featured at NCM's groundbreaking Ethnic Media Expo.

Internet developer Wilson Wang is making a difference in our world. Support his race for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society!

Jackie Chan & Amy Tan honorees at NY's Museum of Chinese.

Actress Lucy LiuChef Martin Yan, Lucy Liu and Marie Matiko at the nation's largest Asian Professional event.

AsianConnections and pop star CoCo Lee are among the headliners at Harvard University - Politicans, authors and activists from across America meet to interact on issues. More...

Asian Professionals voice opportunities and challenges for the Millennium
Chef Martin Yan, Lucy Liu, Marie Matiko and other luminaries inspired members at the largest Asian American Professional gathering in the nation. More...
View Photo Gallery of the APEX/NAAAP 2000 event!
Special Photo Gallery of Actress Lucy Liu!

SAG/AFTRA Union Strike Ends
A tentative agreement was reached October 22, 2000 between the SAG/AFTRA union and the advertising industry, signaling an end to Hollywood's longest strike ever which began May 1st. More...


Nancy Bui
AC Team's Nancy Bui, Miss San Luis Obispo shares her experiences in the Miss California Pageant.

Committee of 100
Celebrities and Business titans join forces to discuss issues affecting our Asian global community. Committee of 100 honors leaders in Entertainment and Technology. Updated Highlights - Click here!

Singles Network

AsianConnections is uniting people all around the globe! Check back for the relaunch of the new dating service in 2002!


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