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L to R: Nancy Bui; James Hong; Marie Matiko

Accountability Issues Key
to Asian American Progress

by Nancy Bui

     A common thread seemed to weave through all the panel discussions and presentations that I attended this past weekend at the APEX-NAAAP conference, the annual gathering of the nation's largest organization of Asian Professionals.

     Accountability and lack of support from the Asian American community.

L to R: Nancy Bui; Jeff Yang, aMedia;
Dustin Nguyen

     Why do we find it so easy to criticize and place blame on the few entertainment figures we have on network TV and on film?

     Why are we not supporting ANY and all Asian effort that is put forth?

     These were just a few of the sentiments that were expressed. We have such great talent that is trying to break through, and instead of supporting and championing the efforts, we only can seem to bring ourselves to pick apart characters and even the people themselves.

     Lisa Ling of ABC's "The View," has received thousands of letters from Asian Americans saying that she needs to bring more Asian issues for discussion and focus more stories to Asian Americans, where as mainstream America criticizes her for speaking about Asian American issues far too often.

     I have seen "The View" on several occasions and I am quite impressed with Lisa Ling and her efforts to strike a balance. I commend her for her efforts and would never ask her to change her opinions to suit others, and I support her in her decisions.

     Why must there only be negative comments coming from our community? Why can't we write letters of support? The plea has been set forth by all from the entertainment industry. 

     We need to be writing those letters of kudos to the network executives telling them how much we enjoy watching our fellow Asian Americans and how we need more, not shooting them down. If we constantly complain and criticize, why should they put any Asian Americans on television or in film?

L to R: Nicole Bilderback; Claire Kramer; Nancy Bui

     Fritz Freidman of Columbia Pictures, a Filipino American made a striking comment. We have great talent, but no one is there to see them. Why aren't the seats in the East West Players being filled when they have productions? Why aren't we supporting movies such as "The Art of War" co-starring Marie Matiko? 

     Asian Americans are trying to break through, and unless we put our pocketbooks out there and support our fellow Asians, there won't be any more to come.

     Asian Americans have incredible buying power, and we need to utilize it. It seems that we have the energy to criticize, but why don't we refocus our negative energy and support our actors and actresses.

     This industry is evolving and changing as we speak, and if want it to include a strong Asian influence, we need to send a message to the networks and studios by buying those movie and theater tickets. Let's make a difference, take a stand and support Asians in the media.

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AC Team Contributors to this story:
Nancy Bui, Allen Ying, Wendy Chan, Jack Ong, Suzanne Kai




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