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(L to R): AC's Suzanne Kai, Angela Lin
 (Co-programming Director), Lia Chang (Actress/Writer),
Jeff Yang (Founder Amedia)

Harvard invites AsianConnections
and international pop singer CoCo Lee
to celebrate
"Pieces of the Mosaic: Diversity within our Lives"


Harvard University
Cambridge, Massachusetts

Matt Fong (Co-chair California Republican Party) and Jenny Huang (CAIC Administrative Director)

Harvard University was the setting for one of the most stimulating two days on Asian American issues this year.

Amidst the back drop of New England's beautiful Fall weather and spectacular changing colors of the region's foliage, academicians, media pioneers, politicians, actors, singers, authors, activists and poets from across America came together at the third annual intercollegiate conference, "CAIC 2000" to interact and reflect on issues facing Asians in America.

CoCo Lee

Singer CoCo Lee flew in from Asia to entertain, and pioneer TV broadcaster Suzanne Joe Kai was a guest speaker to talk about "Asian Americans in the Media" and, the community portal founded by her son, Michael, a high school senior.

Fans at Harvard's Lowell Lecture Hall, waiting in line to see pop singer CoCo Lee.

Conference director John Tsou developed this year's event to "discover our culture, our background, and our differences." "Together, we form not a simple, whitewashed wall of a single color and texture, but instead a mosaid of differences combining to form an intricate whole. And, certainly, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. We are each a piece of this extraordinary mosaic; separately, we sparkle, but together, we shine."





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