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    AsianConnections welcomes Eunice Majam to our team of talented professionals who want to help the many voices of Asian people to be heard.

Eunice moved from the Philippines to the U.S. with her family in November of 1995. She considers the move to be a very challenging experience because it uprooted her from a familiar environment. Eunice says, "the changes I had to face helped me mature." When she moved to the U.S., Eunice realized the uniqueness of her culture as well as the beauty of other cultures.

Eunice graduated this year from California State University, Fresno with a Mass Communications and Journalism degree with emphasis in Advertising.

She was the assistant editor at the Asian Pacific Review, an award winning print and online publication. 

Currently, Eunice is working as part of a retail management team of a major national department store chain. She is undergoing extensive training on overall store operation and management.

Eunice has been accepted to law school. She will enroll next year, taking this year to focus on adjusting to a new environment and her management training.

As a young professional, Eunice is starting another life journey. She keeps a paper, a pen, and a prayer handy as she continues to plan for things that propel her on the road of success. "Carpe Diem," - Seize the day! ...this is how she tries to live her life.

Read articles written by Eunice:
A Reflection on Change - transition from College student to young professional, Illumination - Reflections on the Holidays, and Coming of Morning.




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