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Jim Ferguson Interviews Jet Li of Romeo Must Die

Jim Ferguson:  Jet, thank you so much for talking to AsianConnections!  This is the second time we've met.  We did this interview for "Lethal Weapon 4," and in that movie you played a bad guy.

Jet Li: Yes.   (Laughter)

Jim Ferguson:  And in this movie, "Romeo Must Die," you're a good guy again. Do you prefer that?

Jet Li: Yes, because I made 25 movies in Hong Kong, I always play the good guy, so first time my producer Joel Silver he say, "play the bad guy."  I say, "bye, guy."  (Laughter)  I've never done that before!

So in the beginning I had a little bit worry about it, but on the second time, he promised, he said, "Jet, I promise you, after you play the bad guy, I'll give you the good guy again."  Yes, ah, what's the movie? (Laughter) He said, it's called "Romeo Must Die." That sound like a romantic movie, not an action movie.  I say, okay!  So, I played the villain, now I play the good guy again.

Jim Ferguson:  I'm glad you did too. Is this kind of a breakthrough in the sense that, you as an Asian actor?Russell [Wong] thought it was very important, that you are the romantic lead?

Jet Li: I always think I have some background, because I was in martial arts, but I'm also [an] actor, I try to play the character well. I think martial arts can help the character, but the first important is the story, and then your character, romantic lead.

Jim Ferguson:  You are the romantic lead!

Jet Li: (Laughter) Thank you.

Jim Ferguson:  Speaking of romance, are you and your wife adjusting to life in Los Angeles?

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Jet Li: Yes, yes.  I just moved two years, since "Lethal Weapon 4," you know, when I finish.  I think, we have the opportunity to work in Hollywood, so we moved from Hong Kong to Los Angeles.

Jim Ferguson:  That's wonderful. Could you give me some just short answers on some of my favorite scenes?  One, the football scene.

Jet Li: Yeah, I tried to decide all the action scenes differently, so football scene, put the martial arts with American football, we play together, with new fresh action sequence. That's my idea.

Jim Ferguson:  In the beginning of the film, the rope fight in prison.

Jet Li: Oh, nice, the hardest. (laughter)  Because we saw a lot of movie fight, fight with the bad guy, but, my character will decide upside down.  Decide is so easy, but when you really work on that scene, it is so hard, to over over a day, upside down there! I worked five days on that scene.  So everyday, the head, I get a headache. (Laughter) You cannot concentrate to do something.

Jim Ferguson:  Lastly, the last fight with Russell Wong, with the sun glasses. (Laughter)

Jet Li: If you know, my character, he doesn't want to kill everybody, he just fight, stop them.  You know, romantic. He use Aaliyah to fight with another bad girl. But until ending, a serious fight with Russell Wong, is hand to very cool stuff.

Jim Ferguson:  It's excellent stuff. And this movie doesn't stop from the beginning to the end.  I really enjoyed it.  And just for our audience could you please say hi to AsianConnections?

"Hi to AsianConnections, from Jet Li!"

Thanks! Jet!

AsianConnections wishes to thank Jim Ferguson and Jet Li for contributing this interview.

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