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Jim Ferguson Interviews
Kelly Hu
of "The Scorpion King"

Kelly Hu, Sorceress (The Scorpion King)
© Universal Pictures

Kelly Hu chats with StudioLA's Jim Ferguson about having fun with her sexy sorceress role, camel riding with The Rock and her beautiful but skimpy costumes in "The Scorpion King."

The former co star of TV's Nash Bridges and Martial Law was Miss Hawaii in 1993, represented Hawaii at the Miss USA pageant, and the first Asian ever to be crowned Miss Teen USA. Holder of a black belt in karate, Hu is looking forward to her role in "Cradle 2 the Grave" with Jet Li and DMX.

Jim: Would you agree with me that the film reminds me a little bit of the old Saturday matinees. You are too young to remember this. The movie would stop, you see a half hour and then you would come back next week [for the next episode].

Kelly: Because it was so epic?

Jim: Right.

Kelly: Yes, I think this film has that really big epic feeling to it like those old MGM movies where there's a cast of thousands. Definitely. There's so much going on. And it never stops. Once the movie starts the pace just keeps going on and on.

Jim: You play Cassandra. Sorceress, [on the side of] the bad guy. I felt there's a lot of layers to your character.

Kelly: I do agree. That's one of the things that's so much fun about playing this character. At first you think she's on the side of the bad guy and then you find out that she's not there by her own will. The bad guy is a horrible, mean character, but she's able to stand up against him, but yet she's spent all her life with him. She's a great, strong character. You think that she's so tough that she doesn't feel emotions, but when Rock comes along she feels for him, she senses that he's someone special. It's an excellent character.

Jim: So many layers, the fear and the strength. What was it like, you mentioned the old '50's epic. The costumes, the hair styling, the stunts. As an actor, as an actress was it just a fun thing to do?

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Kelly: It was. It was so much fun for me. The costuming was fabulous, as little as there was for me [laughter]. It was absolutely beautiful. John Bloomfield did a wonderful job with the costuming. The set was amazing. There were times when I would go on to the set, and there was nothing for me to have to imagine because everything was right there. It was so beautiful, it was laid out for me. And getting to do all the fight scenes with these wonderful choreographers. The swords were specially forged for the movie. These were all things that you don't get in doing television.

Jim: Don't you wish your costar, the Rock, had better means of transportation?

Kelly: [laughter] Yes! Riding the camel was a little bit difficult. I must say, I'm not an excellent horseman either because I don't have a whole lot of experience riding a horse, but riding the camel was really a little scary. Not only are you so high up, but they tend to rock back and forth so much, and when they sit down and stand up, you feel like you are going to fall backwards and roll off and hit your head or something. And they weren't always the most cooperative either!

Jim: We're laughing about this, and I am just thinking about the day you had to go on the set and get on these things. But with the sense of humor with actor Grant Heslov, the movie doesn't take itself that serious.

Kelly: Not at all. This movie is about having fun. It's an adventure. It's a ride. It doesn't take itself seriously at all. That's what's so nice about it. I think that people are going to come and get a great movie with alot of action and alot of humor and a little bit of love story, and alot of me naked! [laughter]

Jim: Enough said, we'll put that on! [laughter]

Kelly: [laughter] Please, please! Thank you very much!

Jim: Thank you.

AsianConnections wishes to thank Jim Ferguson and Kelly Hu for contributing her valuable time for the interview.

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