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Jim Ferguson's
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Russell Crowe and AC's Jim Ferguson
Welcome to Jim Ferguson's Hollywood!

Jim Ferguson Interviews Wesley Snipes
In His Latest Movie "The Art of War"


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The Art of War
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Jim Ferguson: Wesley Snipes, good to see you. We were just talking about "The Art of War," the screening last night, and of course it was nice there was applause...

Wesley Snipes: What?!

Jim: There was applause at the critics screening last night.

Snipes: Wow, wow.

Jim: But I was tired, because you do a lot of running around in this movie!

Let's begin a little with the history of "The Art of War." This is based on an ancient Chinese philosopher...

Snipes: In the military. Sun Tzu.

Jim: So there's a lot of realism here, as far as the concept of "The Art of War."

Snipes: Yeah. How you manipulate the enemy, how you become victorious, how sometimes for the bigger objective you will even sacrifice one of your own. Also sometimes how your worst enemy can be your closest friend.

Jim: A philosophy that was read by many generals, I'm sure, including Napoleon.

Snipes: And agents in Hollywood. (Laughter)

Jim: (Laughter) You play of course an interesting character, Neil Shaw, special agent for the United Nations. There's a UN army, so there could be an agent. This is an interesting character in the sense that he was street wise, but yet had the intellect of a Bond. Did you play him that way?

Snipes: Yes. He's a modern James Bond. And it's necessary and it's applicable to the environment that he exists in. And for an operative to be very effective, he has to be able to move through the environment that he's in undetected. He has to fit, he has to speak the language, he has to have the tone, he has to have the look of the people that he is surveying, and this is what this kind of guy is.

Jim: And he has to have the knowledge of the modern technology which we see in this film.

Gismos, gadgets and dohickies.

Jim: I love the opening of the movie. The parachute scene into the parade. Great stuff. And then you get to stage a martial arts fight on the stage in a party. That had to be a lot of fun to set that up, or hard work.

Snipes: It's hard work, especially when you forget the choreography, and you are standing there and both of you are looking like, "No it's your turn! No it's your turn!"

Jim: The choreography was beautiful. You did a special on TNT for a tribute to the masters of the martial arts, so you are comfortable with this, aren't you?

Snipes: Yeah, very much so. And it's unfortunately that many of these guys who have dedicated their lives to this discipline and the various disciplines of the martial arts don't get the recognition and the monetary reward.

And so that's why we are trying to create the Royal Guard of Amen Ra, which is a security company where we can take professionals whether they be from the military, whether they be from the secret service, FBI, etc., etc., etc. or martial artists, and hone their skills, cultivate them and put them in the industry where they can make a living. Match them with the artist who needs the protection.

Jim: Okay, five second answers. The one-on-one basketball scene with Michael Biehn.

Snipes: Easy.

Jim: You took the form where you were a Wildcat.

The car crash into the diner.

Snipes: Wild, very wild. Scared me too, scared me.

Jim: The shoot out with Michael.

Snipes: Fantastic. Very different. Street rules.

Jim: Straight out of old Tucson. Western.

If you want to learn "The Art of War" from a genius film maker and a wonderful guy, don't miss this movie. You're going to have a great time. Thank you.

Snipes: Thank you.

-- End of Interview --

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