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Ginger Marinated Striped Seabass
Asian Fusion
Serves 10


4 lbs. striped seabass
2.2 lb. baker potatoes
7 oz. carrots
7 oz. zuchinni
7 oz. yellow squash
7 oz. shiitake mushroom
2 oz. coleman mustard
5.3 oz. wasabi powder
6.6 oz soy sauce
2 oz. orange juice
17 oz. chicken stock
6 oz. sake
2 oz. shiso
1 oz. garlic
3.5 oz. ginger
2 oz. shallots
1.8 oz. white rice
7 oz. kecap manis
1 oz. rice wine vinegar.


To prepare shiso sauce, reduce sake with shallots, ginger, and garlic. Add chicken stock and rice and simmer for 45 minutes. Add shiso, blend, and strain.

Mix coleman mustard or wasabi with some soy sauce and water. Add rice wine vinegar.

Marinate seabass with ginger and kecap manis. Pan sear seabass.

Saute julienned vegetables, and arrange on a plate with wasabi and potatoes.

Place fish on top, ladle shiso sauce over, and drizzle mustard sauce around. Garnish dish with kaware sprouts, pickled ginger, and black seeds.


Not just ordinary seabass, but seabass marinated in a tantalizing ginger sauce. If you need a recipe that's easy to cook for a big group, then try this asian fusion dish.

SOURCE: Chef Bryan Nagao



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