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Mako's Black Vinegar Chinese Sake Ginger Sauce

Equal parts:

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Black vinegar
Chinese sake
Soy sauce


Yuzu juice
Sesame Oil
Slices of ginger and scallions

Cook the black vinegar, Chinese sake and soy sauce for approximately 3 to 4 minutes. Turn off the heat as soon as it boils. Let the sauce cool down. Then add an equal amount of Yuzu (Japanese lime/lemon citrus juice). 

Arrange the assorted sashimi on a platter with slices of ginger and scallions.
Heat pure sesame oil and pour it hot and sizzling over the top of the sashimi.
Then drizzle Mako's special Black Vinegar Chinese Sake Ginger Sauce over the top.  Thank you for your recipe, Mako!

MAKO Restaurant
225 South Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills, California 90212
Tel: 310.288.8338

AsianConnections thanks Brian Uy, digital entertainment producer and President of Havana Cabana, the "in" restaurant in Honolulu for introducing us to Mako.             - Suzanne Kai and Mike Kai




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