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Restaurant Review: Tommy Toy's Cuisine Chinoise
San Francisco, California

     If you want to impress your business associates or date, take them to Tommy Toy's Cuisine Chinoise in San Francisco. Once you walk into this elegant restaurant, you will be greeted by a cheongsam clad hostess and ushered to an intimate dining spot amidst beautiful antiquities, 300 year-old tapestries and Tommy's personal collection of rare Chinese fans.

     It's the perfect setting so that you can focus on getting that deal done, or look into your mate's eyes without distraction.

   The Chinese dishes are prepared with a French flair, with impeccable personal service. While you may have to roll your sleeves up at other restaurants to serve your guests that slippery Asian prawns dish, Tommy Toy's offers service so polished that you can just sit back and enjoy the dining experience.

     This restaurant has been a San Francisco institution since 1985.  It has survived the onslaught of countless trendy restaurants that have come and gone.

     During the weekdays, the restaurant is filled with executives from the San Francisco Financial District. On the weekends and evenings, the pace is more leisurely, perfect for celebrations or just savoring life.

   The food is equally spectacular to the restaurant's setting. Tommy Toy's preparations of his dishes are masterpieces. Toy's classic sauteed lobster rests on a bed of angel hair noodles with pine nuts and mushrooms. Try the appetizer of minced squab wrapped in leaves of lettuce. The Chinese roast duck with plum wine sauce sits on a bed of crisp snow peas. One of the most unique items is the seafood bisque which is served in a fresh half coconut shell, with the succulent coconut meat melding with the bisque. Top it off with a light peach mousse in a strawberry compote!

     Tommy Toy's Cuisine Chinoise can swiftly transport you to an oasis of calm, even if it is just for the lunch hour. There is a fixed menu daily special offering for $11.95, that includes a crisp glass of California wine. Also, a signature Business Luncheon for $18.50, and a Celebration Feast at $32.50 per person. Compared with many fine dining establishments in major cities these days, that is a bargain! There are dining rooms if you want to privately entertain your guests.

     Tommy Toy has graciously provided to AC members his signature recipes for:

                                                                                           - AC Team

Tommy Toy's Cuisine Chinoise
655 Montgomery Street
San Francisco, CA 94111
Tel: 415.397.4888
Fax: 415.397.0469
Owner-Proprietor: Tommy Toy
Partner: Alon Yu




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