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The Chinese New Year of the Horse began on February 12, 2002, a year that promises to be fast-paced, aggressive and hectic. Choices, projects, decisions, romances -- everything will be moving at a fast clip! After the many dark events of the Snake year, this strong yang energy will uplift your spirits and life, giving you a chance to be impulsive and whimsical, even to the point of exhaustion.

Its a great year for expansion, development and taking risks. And one which like the wind can change in an instant, so trust your intuition and follow your senses. Just like riding a horse, it's a time to try new things and move with the wind. You will be tempted to put your money and trust in new acquaintances, but resist this impulse unless you've done your due diligence. Exercise caution and you will prosper. Try new things and follow your instincts, and it will be a year of good fortune and luck for you and yours.

Take care of your health and diffuse the stress build-up from last year, that of the Snake. A traditional Chinese New Year blessing for good health is May you have the strength and vitality of the Dragon and the Horse (phonetically: Loong-Mah-Jing-Sun).

It is imperative that you keep reign on your passions and maintain balance in your life just like riding a race horse. Like the jockey on a championship horse, you must combine skill, courage, control, and intelligence, with optimum physical and mental condition.

Next to the Dragon, the Horse is the second most yang of all the Chinese zodiac animals. Yang energy is active, male, aggressive, and bright.

It's a great time for growth. It is a good year to move forward with confidence, courage and boldness. Take advantage of the economic recovery in our world because there are opportunities galore. What a great time to venture into new projects, and do the things you've always wanted to do. Go for it!

The Year of the Horse is affected by your personal zodiac animal. Check AsianConnections for your exact date and zodiac animal. Also, read more about your personal horoscope for The Year of the Horse by Angi Ma Wong, at AsianConnections.


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"Celebrate the Lunar New Year with your Business Associates"  - by Angi Ma Wong

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