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Aunt Agga's
Feng Shui Column is pleased to present author Lillian Too's popular Aunt Agga's Feng Shui Column. Lillian is the world's #1 author on Feng Shui. Lillian says she owes her incredible luck & many successes in her career & business activities to her in depth knowledge of Feng Shui which she has been applying to every aspect of her life for years. Now, she will share many of her Feng Shui tips with AsianConnections members!

After graduating with an MBA from Harvard Business School, Lillian embarked on a corporate career and became the first woman in Malaysia to head a publicly listed company, the first woman in Asia to be appointed CEO of a Bank, and Executive Chairman of a major Hong Kong conglomerate. Click here - for more!

No. Six:

| Apartment Door Direction & Other Questions | Finding That Special Man |
| My Boyfriend and I are Always Fighting | How Do I Improve My Luck? |
| What are Wealth Gods? | I'm a Feng Shui Newbie! | Fragile and Lethargic |
| Feng Shui to Improve a Home-based Business |


Dear Aunt Agga,

1) My apartment door faces NORTH EAST. I was born in 1953. I think my KUA number is 2. How is this house going to be?

2) I have a three legged toad with a coin in the mouth (bought in Singapore) how & where should I keep?

3) Where should I hang three Chinese coins in the house?

4) I have a yellow & a white cut crystal, where should I keep them in my office?

5) What should I do to improve my career, growth & finances?

Yours sincerely, Atul.

Dear Atul,

Congratulations! Your apartment is ideal for you since your Kua is 2. It is excellent that your apartment door faces Northeast because it is your Sheng Chi or Success Direction. Using this door to enter and leave the house will bring you lots of Success Luck.

Place your three legged toad with coin in mouth discreetly under the coffee table in the far corner of the living room diagonally opposite the front door, facing it. You can keep as many as you want but remember not to exceed nine. Then you can have some facing out and some facing in. This symbolizes your wealth toads going out to get money and then bring them back into your home.

Your three Chinese coins should be knotted together with red, silver or gold thread to energize their intrinsic energies. Chinese coins are one of the more potent energizers of Feng Shui, and their physical presence is said to attract wealth luck wherever they are placed. So it's really wonderful that there are so many ways in which you can make use of them to enhance your luck. Attach your three Chinese coins on the doorknob of your front door, facing inside the home. This symbolizes the money that is already inside your home. You may also keep them in your wallet. This will help to increase your income. In any case, it really helps to attach them to every item that helps you to bring in lots of money: Make sure the coins are attached Yang side up. The Yang side is the one with four Chinese characters and the Yin side has only two.

Crystals are wonderful energizers for the sectors that are governed by the Earth Element. Place one of your cut crystals in the Southwest sector of your office or desk to enhance your Career Luck and personal development. Place the other one in the Northeast sector of your office or desk to enhance your Wealth Luck and bring lots of Success Luck.

Energize the North sector with a water feature to further enhance your Career Luck. Try an aquarium or a painting that shows flowing water. Use furnishings that are either blue, black or white in color. For improved Money Luck, energize the Southeast with a wood feature. Try a large leafy plant or green colored furnishings.

Love, Aunt Agga


Dear Aunt Agga,

I wish to increase my chances of finding that "special" man. Do I activate the southwest corner of my home, or my personal love sector which is east, for the best results?

Regards, Rose.

Dear Rose,

For best results, you should activate both. The element of the Southwest, which is also the universal sector of marriage and romance, is Big Earth. Try a pair of mandarin ducks carved from precious stones or some rose quartz crystals with pink lights. These will help to bring a loving partner into your life.

Yellow, peach, pink, orange or red colored furnishings also work well here. Your personal love sector, which is East, is represented by the Big Wood element. Some lovely peonies here will help you find that "special man". They can be in the form of a painting or silk blooms. Both work just as well. Try using green or blue in your d?or.

Another way of using Feng Shui to enhance your Love Luck is through using jewelry with the Double Happiness character. This is so potent that it can even help to improve the relationship of incompatible couples.

Try out these tips, Rose, and you will soon find that wonderful man you were waiting for.

Love, Aunt Agga


Dear Aunt Agga,

I recently moved into a new house and my boyfriend and I are always fighting, not to mention, we have no sex life. My toilet is located in the southwest part of the house. This is our only bathroom so we cannot stop using it. We are also renting this house so we can't move out until the year is up. I heard that I'm supposed to hang a five rod windchime in the Southwest Sector. But am I supposed to hang the windchime inside my bathroom or outside of the home? Is the rod supposed to be wood or metal?

Help! Marilyn.

Dear Marilyn,

The toilet in the Southwest is a common cause of problems in relationships. Keep the bathroom door shut and the toilet seat down at all times. This will keep the lid on the source of negative Chi. Hang the five rod windchime inside the bathroom. It will help to suppress the bad luck from the toilet. In the Five Elements Theory, wood destroys earth while metal exhausts earth. Therefore, you can use either one for this purpose. Just make sure that your windchime is made of only a single element and not a combination of metal and wood.

As for the frequent fighting, I recommend that you do some Space Clearing in the sectors where you always clash. You can use a Singing Bowl, Space Enhancing Bell or Purifying Incense. Space Clearing is very effective for clearing your home of negative Chi that linger after fights and misunderstandings. These negative energies, if left to accumulate, will negatively affect your relationship, and cause you to have even more fights.

To jazz up your love life, try some romance energizers. Use sexy pink or red satin sheets and lighting for more passionate nights. Display a pair of mandarin ducks in the Southwest sector of your bedroom or your Nien Yen sector. Images of a pair of flying geese also work well for established couples. A very potent love energizer would be the Double Happiness character, which enhances your luck in love, happiness and marriage. I wish you good luck.

Love, Aunt Agga


Dear Aunt Agga,

I was born in the year 1970, and my Kua no. is 3. Lately, I have been worried sick because I am having some problems with the law. Can you help me? What should I do, wear or avoid to make my luck better? I don't want to get into deep trouble which will destroy my career. I have to support my family.


Dear Ling,

This can be quite a tough year for you. Being born in the year of the Dog, you have to confront the Tai Sui in the year of the Dragon. I recommend that you get a Pi Yao to help you through this spate of bad luck. You can put in under your desk at work or at home.

Other variations of this auspicious creature are the Pik Chen and the Pi Xiu.

Make sure that you face your auspicious directions all the times - preferably your Sheng Chi direction. Carry a small compass with you so that you get your directions right. Facing your bad directions - especially your worst one - will destroy whatever good luck you might still have and probably unleash a whole barrage of nasty events. If you are not sure what your good directions are, then you should refer to our Kua Calculator.

You may also try energizing the North sector of your home, which will help to enhance your Career Luck. Use small water features and blue or black furnishings. If there is a toilet there then a five-rod windchime would be best to help you suppress the negative Chi. If the kitchen is there, then make sure that the stove is not in the North sector. Most importantly, ensure that your fire mouth of your oven or stove or rice cooker faces one of your auspicious directions. This is of utmost importance.

Be very aware of any poison arrows in your environment. The bigger they are, the more Shar Chi they send out. Either block them off or keep out of "firing range". Good Luck.

Love, Aunt Agga


Dear Aunt Agga,

What are wealth gods? I am looking for a pair.


Dear Rocky,

Wealth gods are traditionally displayed by Asians to invite abundance into their homes and offices. Together with many of the other colorful Chinese deities, wealth gods are the most often invited to shower their precious blessings of abundance into Chinese homes. Some of the more popular ones include: Tsai Shen Yeh, Kwan Kung, Tua Peh Kong, Xi Wang Mu, Fuk Luk Sau (Three Star Gods), Paht Hsien (Eight Immortals), Pi Kan, and Laughing Buddha . These deities may be displayed in the living room or the dining room. There is no need to place them on an altar for worship but you should display them approximately at eye level.

Love, Aunt Agga


Dear Aunt Agga,

In the last year I have become very interested in Feng Shui. Although I have tried to work out the right things myself from a book, I find some of it very confusing. Would it be better to consult an expert, and have them help me get off to a good start? Or can you recommend a good simple book that would help to make it clear?

Thank you, Linda Pugh.

Dear Linda,

It's really your choice as to whether you need the guidance of an expert or to figure out the mechanics of Feng Shui yourself. But it is Aunt Agga's opinion that you should read and understand the basic concepts of Feng Shui before you consult a geomancer, as it would be easier to catch what he or she tells you during the consultation.

Love, Aunt Agga


Dear Aunt Agga,

I am 42 years old and I think my kua is 8. I'm a brittle diabetic. I work more than 50 hours a week and seem too tired by the weekend to indulge in the activities I used to enjoy. I am married with 2 children. What can I do to increase my energy levels and prevent further complications of my diabetes, as all medical intervention hasn't helped so far?


Dear Melgala,

You should activate your personal health or 'Tien Yi' (Doctor from Heaven) direction and location to improve your health luck. But first, I'd like to clarify with you your kua number. If you were born on or before 17th February 1958, your kua would be 8 and your 'Tien Yi' direction would be in the Northeast. But if you were born on or after 18th February 1958, your kua number would be 9 and your 'Tien Yi' direction is South.

The first thing you should do is to rearrange your bed so that you sleep with your head facing your 'Tien Yi' direction. Make sure your headboard is against a solid wall, which represents support. Next, try your best to sit facing your 'Tien Yi' at work. This is ideal for those who are constantly tired and lethargic, and will also help alleviate suffering due to illness.

Another thing you can do to improve health is place a model or a painting of a turtle, or a tank of terrapins in the east corner of your living room. The turtle is an important symbol of longevity and support, while the east sector represents good health. You may also wear red jasper , a powerful stone of protection. Besides enhancing the circulation of energy in your body, it reputedly cleanses the blood and promotes general good health. Wear jasper in the form of a pendant, or made into a bracelet such as the Red Jasper Buddha Bracelet, which is available at the FS Megamall.

I sincerely hope your health improves, Melgala. Please note though, that the advice given here is only from a Feng Shui point of view. The state of your health depends largely on yourself. You must not neglect the advice given to you by your doctors, and should also practice good health habits such as getting enough exercise and eating the right diet for your condition. Good luck!

Love, Aunt Agga


Dear Aunt Agga,

I was born in the year of the Tiger (Nov 1962) and have recently started a small home-based business selling sports accessories. A friend of mine recommended feng shui to help improve the business. However, I have no knowledge of feng shui and so require your help.

Thank you in advance, Wang.

Dear Wang,

There are many, many Feng Shui pointers you can employ to improve your business! But to get you started, I'll give you a few of the more important and popular ones.

The very first thing you should do to improve your chances of success is to arrange your bed so that you sleep with your head facing your Sheng Chi, which is your best direction. From your birthdate, I know that your kua number is 2, and thus your Sheng Chi is in the Northeast. It is also advisable to sit facing the Northeast at your work desk.

You may also wish to energize your Sheng Chi corner. Doing so will help you attract mentors and powerful patrons to help in your career and business. As your Sheng Chi is in the Northeast, it is best to place a globe, a world map or crystals in this corner, as the element of the Northeast is earth. One great earth-element energizer is a crystal globe.

Next, utilize one of the best methods (and one especially favoured by businessmen) of successfully increasing your personal wealth: place a model sailing ship near your home's front door. Choose a ship with sails that 'catch the wind', and then fill the ship with imitation gold ingots or coins and money. One vital thing you must remember is to make sure that the ship is shown 'sailing' inwards, towards the inside of your house. Never let the ship face outwards, as this would symbolize money going out!

Alternatively, you can also place a statue of the three-legged frog or toad diagonally opposite your main door. The three-legged toad sitting on a bed of gold ingots, with a gold coin in its mouth, is a wonderful wealth attractor. Keep it hidden away under tables, chairs, sofas or other furniture, facing inwards, as if it has just come into the house. A word of caution: never place these frog or toad symbols in the kitchen, bathroom, toilet or bedroom. The best place to put them is the living room.


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