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Introducing a new column on feng shui by renowned feng shui expert Angi Ma Wong


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Lillian's Feng Shui Tips

A turtle in the North, whether real or merely a figurine, will bring much good fortune. Because the North is the element of water and also represented by the turtle which symbolises support, those who adhere to this trick will benefit.

The South corner of the house is represented by the fire element. Enhancing the South with bright lights, candles or even the color red will bring fame and fortune to the practitioner. The South sector brings fame luck, hence is particularly important if the success of one's profession lies in the hands of the public.

Feng Shui is about the balance between yin & yang. Yin represents all things still, quiet and dark. Yang represents all things active, bright and alive. If one's house is too yin in that there is rarely anyone at home, hence hardly any movement in the house, the dragon's life breath cannot work its miracles at bringing opportunities and good fortune. A good solution to counter this problem is the keep DOGS or other lively animals. The movement they produce will bring your house to life, just as children, bright lights and loud music do.

A Garden in full bloom especially on the East and Southeast brings good health and lots of money luck. Make your plants grow sturdy and strong and benefit from all the precious energy created .

Let each member of your family eat facing his/her best and most auspicious direction. To find out what each of your four auspicious directions are consult my book APPLIED PA KUA LO SHU FENG SHUI. The formula is also available in abbreviated version in my Complete Illustrated and my BASICS book.

Design a water dragon in your garden to enjoy tremendous and serious wealth luck . Then you will know the difference between being merely rich and being seriously wealthy ?check out my book on WATER FENG SHUI.

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