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Steve Nakamoto (Men Are Like Fish)

AsianConnections Interviews
Steve Nakamoto
(Author of "Men are Like Fish: What Every Woman Needs to Know About Catching a Man")

Certain women possess the amazing power to "hook" and "land" the attention and hearts of men.

We caught up with Steve after a recent booksigning in Newport Beach, California.  He's a busy guy promoting his new book, writing a new book and doing his travel business, too.

We asked Steve for tips to win in the great game of romance and relationships.

AC Team: Steve, let's start off by asking why are men like fish?

Steve: Men are like fish in that a woman may be looking to "hook up" with the right guy, "land" a husband, "let go of the big one" that got away, go "fishing for love" in all the right places, and so forth.

Catching a man is a lot like the process of how an experienced angler catches a fish.  A woman needs to attract, select, hook, and reel in her catch while dealing with the inevitable "snags" that crop up in romantic relationships.

My whole concept is based on an American proverb that reads, "a man chases a woman until she catches him." I figured that if the woman is the one who does the catching, then the man must be the fish.

It's a fun, clear and simple way to look at love in a non-traditional way.  I say, "If you continue to think as you've always thought, you'll continue to do as you've always done, and you'll continue to get what you've always gotten."  If a person doesn't like the results they have gotten in their love life, then the first place to start changing is how they think.

Men are like fish is a new thinking model for love.

AC Team: Why do some women get all the great guys, while other women get passed by?

Steve: Alot has to do with knowing how to "hook" and "land" the attention and hearts of men.

To the surprise of many, the women who possess these magical powers are not necessarily the:

  • most beautiful
  • most glamorous
  • most confident
  • most intelligent
  • most colorful
  • richest
  • youngest
  • kindest
  • best qualified mate

Instead, the women who end up attracting, capturing, and keeping the attention and hearts of the men they want (the big fish - men who create and contribute consistent, exciting, and lasting happiness) are simply the women who are the most clever at playing the game of love. My book "Men Are Like Fish," is filled with tips like how to "change the rules," and where to "go where they are biting." 

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Steve Nakamoto, a former businessman and personal development trainer, has spent the last seven years refining his Men Are Like Fish metaphor. Get an autographed copy of Steve's book at the AsianConnections store today!

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